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Providing Accessible Care at Home

November 23, 2021 | VNA Staff | Story

Jolene suffered a spinal cord injury during a diving accident when she was 19, leaving her a quadriplegic. For years, her mother was her primary caretaker as they shared a home together.

As both Jolene and her mother aged, they knew they would need assistance to remain in the home they both loved, but their resources were limited. VNA’s Home Health Aide (HHA) program has been a great support for Jolene and Judy.

Providing non-medical care, HHA staff assist with bathing and personal care, range of motion exercises, repositioning, and transfers to a motorized wheelchair using a Hoyer Lift. Because VNA staff work with Jolene regularly, they see subtle or abrupt changes that might concern her physician.

With the support of HHA, Jolene and her mother have maintained their overall health and well-being. VNA staff have also been a wonderful source of social interaction and emotional support when Jolene and Judy felt isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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