VNA | Visiting Nurse Association: Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering Compassionate Care

VNA delivers expert, compassionate care to under-resourced individuals and families in our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Health Aide

How is a plan of care created?

A plan of care is created based upon the following concepts: promoting the client’s health, wellness and responsibility for their own care, as well as the client’s activity and responsibility within their daily routine. A motivated client and a consistent caregiver working through this together contributes to the success of our program.

What services are provided?

Home health aides provide non-nursing services like bathing, personal hygiene, therapeutic care and light housekeeping. Services are conducted in the client’s residence.

Who is eligible for Home Health Aide services?

Individuals who have a history of falls or physical limitations, have safety issues such as getting in and out of the shower, or who have limited family support or are living alone may be eligible for our services.

Parenting Support

What is Healthy Families America home visiting?

What does a Healthy Families America home visit look like?

What are the outcomes of this program?

This program often keeps families from using Emergency Room visits or other medical services unnecessarily, by educating them on what is normal and when to call a doctor. The ongoing support they receive means families in our community have the best possible start in life.

What is a typical visit like?

You can expect personalized care from an expert nurse, delivered with kindness. We work with you and your doctor to design a treatment plan based on your specific situation. This one-on-one attention means your child will have the medical care he or she needs.

How early can someone enroll in the Nurse-Family Partnership?

As soon as an expectant mom finds out she’s pregnant, it’s a good idea to give us a call if you think she could use our services! Contact Deanna Schlautman at
or (402) 930-4083 for more information.

What is a typical Love & Learn visit like?

During a typical visit the parent coach will assist the parent to identify and set individual goals, the coach will provide education on life skill development, healthy relationships, parenting topics and refer to community resources, when needed. The nurse will complete maternal-child assessments including weight and developmental assessments of the infant/child, provide education on health, safety, nutrition, and a variety of parenting strategies, and collaborate with other providers working with the family.

What are the results of Project WIN?

Outcomes of this program include the reduction and prevention of child abuse, an increase in family involvement and support, an increase of babies born at healthy birth weights, and an increase in the number of fully-immunized infants.

Where is Project WIN offered?

Project WIN is a free home visitation program offered by VNA for families in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie counties.

What are the screening requirements for Healthy Families America?

Families whose income is at or less than 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for services. We welcome non- or limited-English speaking families! Other screening requirements may apply – please contact Deanna Schlautman at or (402) 930-4083.

School Nursing

What regular services does the school nurse provide?

VNA customizes the services provided based on the needs identified and the resources the school has available. These can include:

  • Identifying students with special needs and work with parents to develop action plans
  • Health evaluations
  • Guidance and care for children who are ill
  • Height, weight, vision, hearing and oral screenings
  • Immunization record reviews and reporting
  • Communicable disease control and prevention
  • Wellness education
  • Referrals for primary care, community resources and education programs
  • Staff training in areas like infection control, medication administration, CPR and first aid, and the mandated emergency asthma and anaphylaxis protocol

What do VNA nurses do in schools each day?

No two days are the same but, usually, the nurse will check in with school administrators to get updates on changes on any individual students receiving special care. The nurse focuses on providing services the school has identified as a priority. And, of course, the daily focus can change quickly if an emergency situation arises.

Shelter Nursing

What specific services do VNA nurses provide to homeless families?

VNA nurses provide these services, among others:

  • Health assessments and screenings
  • Early detection of illnesses and prompt treatment
  • Preventative healthcare and teaching
  • Education on positive coping skills
  • First aid and injury care
  • Chronic disease monitoring and education
  • Nutritional assessments and education
  • Prenatal, childbirth and breastfeeding education and support
  • Post-partum and infant assessments
  • Positive parenting education
  • Referrals to primary care and community resources to meet individual needs

What do VNA nurses actually do in the homeless shelters each day?

About half of Omaha’s homeless population is seen by VNA nurses, which is no simple task. At the beginning of each day, the nurses typically check in with shelter or program staff for updates and current priorities. They begin to see new clients and existing clients as they request services. When time permits they seek out clients to follow up and provide support. The nurses facilitate appointments and advocate for the clients with other community service providers frequently throughout the day.