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Medical Expertise At Home

September 25, 2020 | VNA Staff | Story

ken home health

Ken had just started a new job when he became seriously ill. As a new employee, he was referred to VNA for assistance because his health insurance was not yet active. As he was discharged from the hospital and transitioned to VNA Home Healthcare, hospital staff recognized the need for infusion services in the home.

On a scheduled home visit with Ken, VNA nurse Monakika Toussaint noticed something was wrong.

“I had two blood clots and a major infection that I had no idea about,” said Ken. “But VNA saw it and knew.”

Because of her clinical expertise, Ken fully recovered in his home. Monakika reflects on that day with gratitude. “I’m so glad VNA can be in the home – giving care, education and encouragement. In Ken’s situation, we not only provided the care he needed to return to work, we were able to identify an issue and change the course of his life because of our direct engagement with patients.”


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