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Supporting wishes to age in place with VNA’s Home Health Aide services

November 12, 2022 | VNA Staff | Story

Visiting Nurse Association’s (VNA’s) Home Health Aide team helps individuals stay safe and independent at home. This is Mark’s story.

A goal of independence at home 

At 19, Mark had a diving accident that caused a spinal cord injury, resulting in quadriplegia. After a long recovery, his family relocated him and his mother, his primary caregiver, to a home that would meet both of their needs. Now 56, Mark has lived in the home’s lower level so he can have his own space while receiving the support he needs for daily living. Quality of life with independence at home is their main goal. 

Mark experienced several chronic health issues associated with a traumatic injury and paralysis, which added another layer of complexity to his at-home care. 

As both Mark and his mother aged, they knew they would need assistance to remain in the same home and caregiving situation. Mark’s mother had increasing difficulty providing basic needs such as bathing, repositioning and assistance with transfers. Placement in a facility would not provide the quality of life that they wanted as a close family. At that time, they turned to VNA to explore avenues of home health aide assistance.

Nurse pushing man in a wheelchair

VNA’s support 

VNA Home Health Aide services were a great resource. The services assisted Mark with tasks like bathing and personal care, range of motion exercises, repositioning, and transfers with the use of a Hoyer lift. VNA staff have consistently provided a trusting environment, quality care and strong communication with Mark and his mother. 

Because the VNA team works with Mark regularly, they know him well. This means they can report any subtle changes to the nurse who oversees the plan of care for timely interventions. His extended family is very supportive in many ways, but they’re not always able to assist with day-to-day tasks. 

With the support of Home Health Aide services, Mark is aging in place, navigating the changes of getting older and effectively managing increasing health issues. 

Mark knows he can count on his VNA Home Health Aide team to help him weather unexpected challenges. Throughout the pandemic, his extended family has not been able to provide their normal support and visitation. Fortunately, VNA not only provides assistance with hands-on care but also emotional support, encouragement and social interaction. 

“I appreciate all that VNA does to provide care for Mark and to be there to help me out as well,” said Mark’s mother. “With the pandemic, I am so relieved that he is here at home rather than in a facility where we would have no contact at all.”

VNA’s Home Health Aide Services


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