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Overcoming Obstacles in the Home

August 1, 2017 | VNA Staff | Story

Falls can be serious injuries for older adults.

Last Christmas, Connie suffered a fall and fractured her wrist, which ultimately sent her to the hospital.

When VNA started working with Connie, she was fairly debilitated and frequently winded after walking a short distance. Connie needed a wheelchair and a ramp added to her home. Because of her wrist fracture, she needed help dressing and eating.

VNA took a multidisciplinary team approach to her care to assist her every step of the way.

After providing the appropriate medical equipment, education and training, as well as an exercise program to improve Connie’s level of independence and safety, VNA helped to reduce much of the heavy caregiver burden off her family’s shoulders.

In VNA’s care, Connie has not experienced any more falls. She is demonstrating greater safety and independence getting around the house, dressing and eating. Her quality of life has improved, and she is medically stable.

It didn’t stop with Connie either. Her family is now well-educated in how to best help care for her, and what resources are available and in place for Connie to remain safe and healthy in her own home.


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