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Meet Our Team: Olivia O’Hara

January 22, 2021 | VNA Staff | Story

Olivia O'Hara VNA RN

What’s the most rewarding part about your job as an RN care coordinator? 

The most rewarding part about my job at VNA is changing my patients’ lives from a medical standpoint all while being able to stay at home. Also, working with my colleagues in OT, PT, social work, speech therapy and dietary health to create the most positive outcomes for our patients as a team.

Why did you choose this career field? 

I chose to go into the nursing field because I have always been someone who helps anyone in need. I specifically chose home health nursing because I believe that staying in your own home is the most beneficial aspect of healing. Patients are more apt to learn and perform their daily medical routines if they can be in their home where they’re most comfortable and feel safe.

Why have you continued to work at VNA?

VNA is the pioneer of home healthcare in Omaha and has been standing strong for 125 years. When I think of home healthcare, I think of VNA. I am very proud to be a part of an organization that has an outstanding reputation in the community, not only for home health, but also for the other wonderful services we provide to our community. VNA is a nonprofit, and I love that about our organization, because we truly are here for the community.

What’s something that sticks out to you in your career at VNA?

I don’t have a specific story, but what sticks out most to me is when a patient has positive outcomes, whether it’s improvement in labs due to compliance or more independence in activities of daily living. At VNA, we have created a lot of positive outcomes for our patients. Also, I am a member of the COVID-19 team, and I am very proud that we can help those who have been infected recover at home in a safe and familiar environment.

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