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Meet Our Team: Nicholas Graeve

February 1, 2021 | VNA Staff | Story

VNA Nicholas Graeves Physical Therapist VNA

What do you find rewarding about your job as a home care therapist?

The most rewarding part about my job is being able to form relationships with patients and their families, giving them big or small ideas that can make a difference in their ability to function in their home. Sometimes just telling them to adjust a piece of furniture or change the way they are helping their loved one can make a big difference in their day. It’s also rewarding to see patients meet goals that they didn’t think they could reach and be a motivating person in their life. 

Why did you choose this career field?

I chose to be a physical therapist because it combined my love of exercise and fitness with the healthcare field. Being a home care therapist is totally different than being an outpatient therapist or sports therapist, but you truly have the ability to change someone’s life every day. 

What’s something that sticks out to you in your career at VNA?

This past year, we received an email from United Way that indicated there was some remaining funding that we could use. We gave our low-income and in-need patients gift cards to help them get through the holidays. I was able to help out five patients’ families in need with $100 gift cards. Each one of them was floored that we would give them something of that nature, and they were very grateful that they were being thought of and helped. Seeing their reaction to an additional $100 makes me appreciate what I have, and it makes me proud to work for an organization that is able to help the community like we do.

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