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Pregnant and Homeless: VNA Provides Much-Needed Care

August 5, 2017 | VNA Staff | Story

Victoria, a young mother from Arizona, moved to Lincoln with her husband to stay with family for awhile. Their living arrangements fell through due to circumstances outside of their control and they found themselves homeless – and Victoria was seven months pregnant.

Victoria and her family stayed at the Lydia House for several months, where Victoria received care from a VNA shelter nurse, Amber. Amber helped Victoria monitor and manage high blood pressure during her pregnancy and Victoria delivered a healthy baby girl, Jade.

Several weeks after baby was born, Victoria noticed Jade was wheezing and was not acting normal. Victoria thought she should have Amber take a look. Though Victoria said she was taking Jade to the doctor the next day, Amber knew something was wrong.

Jade was showing symptoms of RSV, which can be very dangerous for an infant – particularly an infant as vulnerable as Jade. Amber helped Victoria get a doctor’s appointment for that day. That night, Jade was admitted to the hospital for RSV.

Jade has since recovered and is doing very well. Victoria and her family are forever grateful for VNA’s support and care during a very difficult time in their lives.


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