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Better Together

September 4, 2020 | VNA Staff | Story

Bridget Young

Bridget Young has often been called the “glue” at VNA, due to her 45 years of service and her current role as chief operating officer. She has direct responsibility for a number of departments that support VNA’s service lines and is one of the few people who connects with the entire organization. As she works with different VNA teams, she keeps tabs on common themes to encourage collaboration and dissolve silos of work.

After attending nursing school at Creighton University, Bridget didn’t plan on working in the home health field. She had a rotation with VNA’s South Omaha office, and while waiting on the steps at her first home visit, it struck her: this is something very special. From there, helping people stay independent became a life-long pursuit.

When she reflects on her many years with VNA, Bridget appreciates the big and small moments alike. Each day is rewarding as she sees staff sharpen their knowledge and skills further.

“It’s been so fulfilling to see the people I work with progress in their fields,” Bridget said. “I’m very proud to be surrounded by experts every day.”

Bridget is proud of the connections she’s made throughout her career, from nursing schools and hospitals to senior centers and community organizations. She knows firsthand that these partnerships are that much better because of VNA’s commitment to be a leader whenever help is needed.

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