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A Network of Support

July 10, 2020 | VNA Staff | Story

Getting home from the hospital is just the beginning for many patients. That’s where Amanda Holst’s home care team steps in. Amanda sees her team, and all of VNA, as a vital link between medical providers and recovering community members.

Amanda’s team maintains close relationships with providers, helping mutual patients have easier and better transitions to home. Together, they can problem solve with an open dialogue to benefit the community, keep patients out of the hospital and increase overall healthcare satisfaction.

Prevention of rehospitalization is a key initiative for her team, along with keeping patients home longer once in-home services are complete. They strive to make a lasting home health impact, providing education that empowers patients and their caregivers to manage their health well beyond VNA’s involvement.

“Sometimes, we lightheartedly say, ‘We hope we don’t see you again soon!’ because our goal is to give patients what they need,” Amanda said. “Of course, they can count on us if our services are ever needed again.”

After discharge, Amanda often gets calls from patients who want to give thanks to their clinicians, and it reminds her not to take the impact of the work they do for granted. For her clinicians, it’s just another day, but to the patients, it’s extraordinary. They often don’t have much social interaction in general, so when a clinician takes the time to genuinely connect with them, it means the world.

Amanda believes in the power of strong relationships. At all levels, from manager to employee, coworker to coworker, patient to clinician or patient to medical provider, the best outcomes are achieved through constant collaboration and support as they care for one another.

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