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A Healing Touch

July 1, 2020 | VNA Staff | Story

Cassi Norton

As a little girl, Cassi read a book called “Nurse Nancy.” Nurse Nancy, a young girl herself, would take care of all the scrapes and ailments of the kids in her neighborhood. Now, Cassi’s become the nurse she always dreamed of being.

As a wound care nurse, her days vary from consulting to teaching to working directly with patients. Caring for wounds requires a whole network of support, not just nursing. Cassi often connects with occupational and physical therapists, who bring their expertise in positional and strength training to patients. She also connects with dieticians, who provide nutritional education. Together, they create an interdisciplinary team working for the best interest of the patient.

When she’s not working with her team and patients, Cassi gives presentations at assisted living facilities. She smartly crafts event titles to draw a crowd. Instead of using complex, medical phrases, her presentations are titled “Hey, My Shoes Don’t Fit!” or “How to Take Care of Your Birthday Suit.”

The wound healing process is fascinating to Cassi. She loves seeing tangible evidence that patients are getting better as their skin restores. In addition to wounds, Cassi helps patients with ostomies, a procedure that redirects bodily waste into an external pouch. She joined the United Ostomy Association of America and eventually became president of the program. By participating in the group, she’s able to learn new ways to help ostomy patients and let them know they’re not alone in their struggles.

“The best part of my job is patient satisfaction,” Cassi said. “To know patients who didn’t want to even look at their bodies upon leaving the hospital can now take care of themselves is so rewarding.”

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