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Home Health Technology

As a leading in-home health provider, VNA partners with technology experts to continue to enhance the quality of our services and expand the innovative care we offer. Home Health Technology products provide an additional level of security for our clients while giving you and your loved ones the added reassurance that you are receiving the best possible care.

VNA is proud to integrate some of the most advanced — and proven — health and safety products into our home care solutions, including HomMed, Lifeline and MD2. The three products are available to all individuals in the community through VNA.

VNA Home Health Technology products include:

HomMed Monitor

HomMed is a daily in-home health monitor that records your vital signs and transmits the information to a VNA professional. This allows us to monitor you at home seven days a week and identify potential health complications early on. HomMed Daily In-Home Health Monitoring System is provided as a standard benefit of our Skilled Home Care service at no additional cost to you.

Lifeline Medical Alert Service & MD2 Medication Reminder

VNA is committed to connecting those we serve with access to technology products in order to maintain independence and safety in the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive these home health technology services?

Anyone who receives care through VNA is eligible to receive these services. It depends on the client’s individual health situation.