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Delivering Compassionate Care

VNA delivers expert, compassionate care to under-resourced individuals and families in our community.

Call our Omaha or Council Bluffs office at
(402) 930-4000.

Nurse-Family Partnership

Helping first-time moms of any age in Pottawattamie and Montgomery counties.

Nurse-Family Partnership’s Impact

Available to first-time moms of any age in Pottawattamie and Montgomery counties in Iowa, VNA’s Nurse-Family Partnership is designed to improve the overall health of families who may not otherwise get the ideal amount of healthcare and medical attention.

Public health nurses start regular visits with expectant moms and continue until the child’s second birthday. Enrollment in the program starts before the 28th week of pregnancy, and is free to those who qualify.


Frequently Asked Questions

How early can someone enroll in the Nurse-Family Partnership?

As soon as an expectant mom finds out she’s pregnant, it’s a good idea to give us a call if you think she could use our services! Contact Deanna Schlautman at
or (402) 930-4083 for more information.


Questions About Nurse-Family Partnership?

Contact Cynthia Gutierrez, Clinical Manager Family Services.

Call: (402) 680-4859

Help First-Time Moms

Motherhood can be overwhelming. By supporting VNA, you’re helping ensure a stable future for both moms and babies.

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