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Join Us for VNA Take Out!

You’re NOT invited to an event you (sort of) don’t want to attend.
Who has time for yet another fundraiser? We’re taking the hassle out of another fundraiser! At VNA, we want you to spend your precious time with your family, and we’ll put that big event budget to better use.

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Convenience is our middle name.
Just kidding – Nurse is our middle name!

But it might be more convenient for you to stay at home, just like thousands of our clients. Order in, tip your delivery driver, play some board games, eat some ice cream, and send your fancy fundraiser ticket price to us!

We’re not renting a venue, hiring a caterer or spending your money on an ice sculpture so you can eat rubber chicken at a table for ten. Instead, your support impacts PEOPLE!

You can learn more by scrolling below, or download our menu with the link. We also encourage you to share our Take Out menu with friends and co-workers. Everyone is invited to join! (Meal not included.) Questions? Please call Nikole Roach at (402) 930-4168.


It’s easy (and delicious) to participate!
Pick any meal for #vnaTakeOut & send us what’s left over.

We don’t want your literal leftover food – we’d just appreciate the extra money you saved and can spare to support the people in our community who need an extra hand. Below are a couple ideas on how you might like to participate for your Take Out meal.

Take Out Meals

Will you join us?

Every single dollar we raise goes directly to the people who need it the most. We’re not spending money renting a venue or paying for entertainment – we’re eliminating unnecessary expenses to make the best use of your donations.

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Since 1896
VNA Delivers!

The people of Omaha have always been hungry for quality, expert healthcare delivered with a warm, personal touch. VNA was founded by Anna Millard Rogers in 1896, who wrote the original recipe for in-home care. Her vision to deliver the best service possible to everyone — including the sick, poor, elderly, and new mothers and babies — lives on in every VNA employee today.

Any donation amount will help — large and small. We appreciate any amount you can spare.