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Stay At Home

Join us for the swankiest night unlike any other… At Home!

Scroll down to RSVP and see what a difference you can make by staying at home.

Is it a Gala, is it a Ball?
Will you spend it in a theater or a hall?
So many decisions, so much work ahead,
let’s toss it all aside and stay home instead!

We’re not renting a venue, hiring a caterer or spending your money on an ice sculpture so you can eat rubber chicken at a table for ten. Instead, your support impacts PEOPLE! Questions? Please call Rilla Eaton at (402) 930-4170.

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See how far your donation can go when you Stay at Home and Support VNA:

$10 Healthy at Home

Gives the gift of a healthy home by providing personal care, hygiene or cleaning supplies to a VNA patient who cannot afford them.

$25 Independence Award

Buys a new cane or walker for a senior patient to increase mobility and independence.

$50 Help for the Homeless

Allows someone to feel safe and cared for, with one public health nurse visit in a domestic violence or homeless shelter.

$100 Supporting Hope

Empowers a new mom with expert knowledge from an in-home visit from a parent coach, who teaches her new ways to encourage her baby’s early learning and development.

$250 Caring Support

Gives the gift of respite from caregiving responsibilities for family members of hospice patients.

$500 Dreamweaver

Grants a restful, calm night of sleep for 10 newborns, by providing new, safe portable cribs.

$1,000 Comfort of Home

Helps someone nearing the end of their life stay at home close to their loved ones, by providing hospice and palliative care services that promote comfort and quality of life.

$2,500 For the Future

Gives 15 high-risk newborns the best start at home with a postpartum healthcare and safety in-home nurse assessment.

$5,000 Patron in Care

Ensures a vulnerable older adult can continue living safely at home by allowing a VNA Help at Home personal support visit once a week for a year.

Will you join us?

Every dollar raised goes directly to
clients in need through VNA programming.

RSVP – Make Your Donation Now!