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“Family” means many things to many people. No matter someone’s definition, Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) is here to support individuals and families — regardless of age, income, or ability.

VNA partnered with three local artists to create original artwork that represents what family means to them. Proceeds from these limited-edition art pieces will be reinvested into VNA’s Community Care services, including parenting support, homeless and domestic violence shelter nursing, home health aide services, and more.

With your support, we can continue to deliver expert, compassionate care to more than 40,000 people annually.

Meet the artists

Abigail Ervin-Penner

Abigail Ervin-Penner sitting sideways on a ledge wearing a jean jacket and looking down with sunglasses on

“My family has always taken in strays. Each member, at one point or another, has taken in a truly decrepit cat from the blistering cold Nebraska winter streets. I felt it only relevant to share my version of family by including the tiny little tyrants we all love so much. My siblings and my parents at the core are my best friends, but they all live very far away from me now. These cats represent the compassion, silliness, and resilience that I see and hold dearly in my family.”

Abigail Ervin-Penner is an art entrepreneur who began her business, Abigail E.P., in 2016. As her success grew, she dedicated herself full-time to her illustration work in 2019. Abigail spent her early childhood in Los Angeles, but her family later settled in Neligh, NE, which was a difficult transition for her. She leaned on her art, music, siblings, and parents, often traveling to Omaha to spend time with her grandmother and cousins. Abigail married Cam in 2019, and the couple currently reside in Lincoln. She and Cam live with their family of three cats and a dog.

Peyton Pearson

Peyton Pearson headshot with glasses against a white abstract background

“When I think about my definition of family, I think of couches. They’re such a central part of our homes — where we gather and spend time with our loved ones. I also think they can be just as unique as each individual family. Some couches are sleek and modern, some are traditional, wonky, or worn in. Couches are the perfect metaphor to show how diverse a family can be.”

Peyton Pearson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. His art practice navigates themes of community, support, and healing. Peyton enjoys creating textile designs and digital prints, as well as working with wool and other fibers.

Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans headshot against a white, rough background

“Inspired by the profound bonds of chosen family and the warmth and support they provide; my artwork celebrates the magic of these connections. Amidst a vibrant, uniquely abstract outdoor landscape, where the boundaries between the earth and sky blur, viewers are invited to explore a world where love knows no limits. Bright colors and layered elements symbolize the depth of these relationships, while contour drawings of cherished activities with loved ones remind us of the joy and richness they bring into our lives. This piece is a genuine celebration of the beauty and unity of chosen family, capturing the essence of love and acceptance that profoundly enriches the soul.”

Samantha Evans is an artist and graphic designer from the Midwest, known for her unwavering perseverance. As a first-generation college student, Evans self-supported her education by dedicating 10 years to the restaurant service industry — an experience that instilled in her a strong work ethic and steadfast resilience. Graduating from UNL in 2017 with a BFA in studio art, emphasizing graphic design, her passion for design is evident in her expertise in editorial and publication design, typography, and the skillful use of colors. Her artistic style is as adaptable as her journey, marked by a particular fondness for illustration and collage that delve into emotional and psychological symbolism and strong linework, reflecting her continuous evolution as an artist and devotion to personal growth.

Order limited-edition art

Abigail Ervin-Penner 10x30 inch banner mocked up on white wall with wood chairs in the foreground

Abigail Ervin-Penner, You are Everything, 2023

  • Limited edition of 100 silkscreen-printed banners
  • Black ink on tan cotton fabric with black border and red fringe
  • 10 x 30 inches

Price: $80

Peyton Pearson 11x14 inch print mocked up on a wooden table with water glasses on the lefthand side

Peyton Pearson, With You, 2023

  • Limited edition of 50 linoleum cut prints
  • Teal and pink ink on acid-free paper (280gsm)
  • 11 x 14 inches

Price: $100

Samantha Evans 12x18 print mocked up in a wooden frame that sits on a wooden floor leaned up against a wooden chair

Samantha Evans, Ivies, 2023

  • Limited edition of 50 giclée prints
  • Archival pigment ink on archival inkjet paper
  • 12 x 18 inches

Price: $75


Place your order

Type in the quantity of the art piece(s) you’d like to purchase below. For free local pick up, select “local pick up” for VNA’s office at 12565 W. Center Road, Omaha, NE. Shipping is available for an additional $10 and orders will be shipped as they arrive.
Just as each art piece is unique, so are the individuals and families that we work with to provide personalized, compassionate care. Thank you for your support.