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Shape the Future of Care With Us

We envision a future where care is just as accessible as it is excellent. A future where patients are uniquely treated while being equally treated. A future where death is dignified, and terminal doesn’t mean finished. A future where housing doesn’t determine quality of care, and that care gives hope to a brighter tomorrow. A future where people of all abilities can prosper.

This future is happening today, every day, in our organization, but our work is never done.

Your partnership is invaluable in forging this vision for the community we love.

We Invite You to Invest In People

We invite you to join us in ensuring quality healthcare is accessible to those who need it most. VNA never walks away from a person in need.
Your support is life-changing, and we need your help.

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Medical expertise at home.

VNA is the only local home healthcare provider that delivers care for injury, illness or terminal disease, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. VNA is also one of the few post-acute options for COVID-19 patients.

In Ken’s situation, we not only provided the care he needed to return to work, we were able to identify a medical issue that changed the course of his life because of our direct engagement with patients.

Ken’s Story

shyla graduation parenting support vna

Support from the start.

VNA’s nurses, social workers and parent coaches visit vulnerable families in their homes, using strengths-based approaches and interventions to improve the health, parenting skills and self-sufficiency of families. It’s more than temporary help, it’s positioning families for lifetime success.

Through our partnership with Love and Learn, we were able to help Shyla, a teen mom, learn about newborn care, child safety and how to care for herself.

Shyla’s Story

VNA drive-thru flu clinic

Encouraging community wellness.

As part of our long-term commitment to community wellness, VNA offers flu immunizations throughout Omaha, Council Bluffs and surrounding communities.

Funding immunizations ensures that all individuals and families, regardless of ability to pay, have access to flu shots that will protect them from complications of influenza.

Flu and Immunization Services

VNA hospice

Providing a compassionate and dignified death.

VNA hospice never walks away from those overwhelmed by terminal illness who feel helpless and afraid. At VNA, we believe hospice is about living until one’s last breath.

Brian was 24 years old and he was dying of aggressive cancer. VNA stepped in and used donor funds to provide healthcare, hospice, extensive medications and the equipment he needed. Brian received the level of care and compassion that he could not afford, but deserved.

Brian’s Story

VNA shelter nurse with patients

Supporting patients, wherever they call home.

As the exclusive provider of public health nursing services in every local domestic violence and homeless shelter in the Omaha Metro, VNA’s Shelter Nursing program is an essential component within the local continuum of services that meet the needs of the most vulnerable and help them move toward stability and self-sufficiency.

VNA shelter nurses help people like Mark, Roger and Jeff navigate physical and mental health issues.

Mark, Roger and Jeff’s Story

VNA infusion pharmacy patient owen

Bringing expert services into the comfort of home.

VNA’s pharmacy uniquely provides oral and IV medications to pediatric, adult and senior patients.

Owen, like many VNA hospice patients, has benefited from our in-house pharmacy. Services like VNA’s pharmacy help Owen remain at home, where he is safe, comforted and part of his family’s everyday life.

Owen’s Story

easterseals program dave

Developing growth and independence.

Together, VNA and ESN are dedicated to providing exceptional services that ensure people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to live, learn, work and play. Services provided by Easterseals Nebraska include job placement assistance, employment follow along support, benefits planning and work incentives counseling.

Building relationships and having a place to belong are essential to Dave. He has benefitted from Easterseals Nebraska’s offerings for over 50 years.

Dave’s Story

Nebraska AgrAbility Eric

Adapting to preserve traditions.

The AgrAbility team visits farmers and ranchers to guide them in understanding unique disability benefits and issues related to self-employment and rural, independent living.

The AgrAbility team conducted an assessment to match Eric with assistive technology that would help him continue farming. Today, Eric has adaptive equipment installed on his tractor, sprayer and combine – allowing him to farm over 3,500 acres of land.

Eric’s Story

The Needs You Meet

Our work is never done. Each facet of VNA serves people who depend on us today and every day. To learn more about the unique impacts made by our different areas of focus, and the immediate ways you can help, read more in-depth information about our community’s health needs or contact Carole Patrick, Vice President of Development and Communications.

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